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Business Email

Moffice Mail package supports your working environment becomes professional than before. In the Business Mail package, there are some kinds of features, they are Mail, Calendar, Contact, CloudDisk, Whisper. The data will be saved and sync automatically between the PC and your application on a cellphone. You can work, check your task every time.

E-Office Groupware

What is Groupware? That is a solution that helps make upgrading a traditional office to a modern office simple. Groupware provides new solutions, new utilities and helps coordinate work smoothly between employees, departments in any situation.

Customer relationship management

CRM package is a solution that has 3 effective points: Data management – Marketing – Sale and Supporting after-sale step. Let’s go with Moffice CRM to create sales opportunities, increase the number of customers and develop your business

E-invoice system

MofficeSoft package integrates the E-invoice service, it helps for your professional business sale processing. The invoice system will connect data to issue an invoice, save data, and send mail to the receiver.

Server service

Hanbiro understands that each company will have different requirements for security, technology and cost. Therefore we offer some kinds of package about hosting, server management.

Why choose us?

MofficeSoft is a brand that was founded by a company called Hanbiro, with a dream of helping businesses do business better.

MofficeSoft includes enterprise management solutions, customer management, for small and medium businesses. With more than 21 years of experience, we always try and strive to give customers the best services and help customers build a modern and intelligent working environment.

We employ the highest caliber engineers with technical server know-how and techniques. And our software is crafted by an experienced team of developers, utilizing cutting-edge Big Data for the most optimal enterprise solutions, perfect for digitizing information for the technological future with IoT. Despite our emphasis on technical excellence, we place the highest focus on customer experience.






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Yes. We take the utmost steps to make sure your data is safe and secure. Both our Web client and servers support Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocols and all data sent to the server is encrypted. In addition, we also feature secondary security passwords and secret post file encryption, ensuring strong data safeguards. MofficeSoft servers also feature RAID schemas and DRBD software systems in backup servers for a complete kit of the most cutting-edge technologies to protect your data.

Depending on the DNS’ MX settings, setup may take anything from less than an hour to several days. If you requested a free trial for a secondary domain, setup will likely take less than an hour.

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