What is CRM Hanbiro?

CRM Hanbiro is a customer management tool used by websites and phones. This tool will help businesses manage customer data intelligently and effectively. It is based on a business process that has been researched and created by excellent Hanbiro technology engineers.

CRM Hanbiro helps businesses to change from manual customer management with many shortcomings, errors, mistakes to professional management processes and catch up with the trend of the 4.0 era.

CRM Work Flow


Professionalize the management of customer data and information

CRM software replaces Excel programming to process your data and manages data according to steps:

Leads > Potentials > Customers.

The employee in charge easily converts the status from Leads => Potentials => Customers by a click.

Categorize and rate customers according to revenue levels, such as Diamond, Gold, Silver, Bronze, it helps to give suitable Marketing programs.

CRM Hanbiro also arranges Accounts, Leads, Potentials, Customers according to Group, The employee in charge.

Task management

“Activities” category shows all the activity logs such as Call, Email, Meeting, Missed call, etc of all employees before and after selling.

Customize flexibly the problem related categories such as the reason of failure, leads status, Potentials status,…

Categorize tasks and make a To-do list for the employee in charge.

Create or Manage tasks related to customer interaction through projects and check the progress of completing those tasks with the “Co-management” feature.

The manager knows the working process of employees, it will help evaluate the ability and KPIs of each employee.

It helps the Marketing Department evaluate if the data source is effective or not to give suitable budget and strategies advertising.

Analyze, report data visually, fully

Building chart of data statistics according to: Customers/Potentials, The staff in charge, Customer conversion rate, Activities of the employee in charge.

Report data visually

Integrated IP switchboard

Why should you use Hanbiro’s IP switchboard?

  • Call Center is one of the popular tools today, it helps companies manage, support and take care of customers effectively.
  • With Hanbiro’s CRM software, the system integrated necessary devices and clues to build an effective Call Center for your business.
  • Data of incoming/outgoing calls, the customer information, the employee in charge information are displayed on the computer screen for each call.
  • Especially, data will be recorded, it helps employees to share information and the manager can update work progress.

With Hanbiro’s Call Center, The employee in charge easily updates call information and create ticket tasks on CRM Hanbiro’s sign in screen (Popup).

Hanbiro’s IP switchboard model

Install and use Hanbiro’s IP switchboard

Normally, if you want to integrate an IP switchboard, you need to combine between some parties such as Customer – The network supplier – The phone number switchboard supplier and The CRM Call supplier.

However, Hanbiro will help your business to save time, reduce steps by supporting the installation and use of IP switchboards from A to Z.

Hanbiro will install the CRM Call, the Virtual switchboard, the Phone number and the System to help your business have IP switchboard service fully.

CRM Call Hanbiro sign in screen

Mobile apps - Customer management anywhere, anytime

CRM application on mobile

Communicate with your customer with CRM application on mobile.

E-invoice in CRM Hanbiro

– CRM Hanbiro integrates E-invoice to export E-invoice for customers fast, convenient without the other E-invoice supplier.

– The manager can track the business revenue to give more suitable plans in the future.

– The E-invoice interface is very friendly, full of features, and easy to use.

– The user exports and sends E-invoice to Email, checks Email sent success/failed and the reason for failure fast, conveniently.

– Especially, if the user uses CRM Hanbiro, they can convert the exportation E-invoice of many companies on the same interface but still making sure the data’s safe and exactly.

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